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Welcome to ABI Consulting and Audit Solutions

ABI Consulting partners work with clients to find practical and sustainable 

business solutions.


ABI Consulting’s strength lies  in developing innovative, participative and responsive services which address the realities and constraints of local clients.


Corporate and portfolio strategy
Strategy facilitation
Support in credit & investment negotiations
Business Process Outsourcing
Supply Chain Management
CFO services


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ABI Consulting Limited was founded in 1997 by a team of young and dynamic professionals drawn from various fields, who having acquired significant exposure largely from multinational companies, decided to form a consultancy to provide expert support to local corporates and SMEs.
ABI Consulting partners work with clients to find practical and sustainable solutions to their problems.
Our broad industry experience and exposure ensures that we provide clients with current approaches that are relevant within their specific context
We excel not only at providing business solutions but also in supporting our clients in implementing these solutions optimally.